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Kesha Jackson, LPC

Confidence & Relationship Building Expert

Confidence Converter, Kesha Jackson, Confidence & Relationship Building Expert

Kesha Jackson, (also known as the Confidence Converter-Counselor4Couples) is a Board Certified, Licensed Mental Health Therapist,  a Certified Life Coach with a niche in Marriage, Family & Relationships , Self-Esteem & Confidence  Workshop Facilitator practicing in PA,  She is the recipient of the 2022 Pittsburgh Mental Health Leadership Award, an Author, and Speaker. She is the co-owner and co-founder  of Creative Community Enrichment  Center , as well as the owner of Counseling With Confidence LLC devoted to outpatient therapy. She has 22 years of experience in the therapeutic field assisting children,  adults, couples and families  discover their hidden inner coping skills to heal emotional traumas. Clients are assisted with gaining the confidence to  move beyond their  pain and move towards a more  peaceful and fulfilling life.

Credentials: MS, Professional Counseling, LPC, NBCC, CLC, ACT 33/34 and FBI Clearances

The Core of My Coaching


To cultivate deeper connections and foster lasting intimacy in relationships, Kesha Jackson is dedicated to guiding couples through their journey of healing and growth. By offering a safe and compassionate space, Kesha empowers clients to embrace vulnerability, overcome feelings of loneliness, and embark on a path towards healing and fulfillment.


Kesha envisions a world where couples feel supported, understood, and connected on a profound level. Through her counseling expertise and genuine compassion, she strives to create an environment where clients can openly share their experiences, build trust, and nurture the bonds that strengthen their relationships.


Empathy: Kesha believes in the transformative power of empathy and strives to create a space where clients feel heard, understood, and valued.​Compassion: Kesha approaches her work with a deep sense of compassion, providing support and guidance to clients as they navigate their relationship challenges. Active Listening: With her unique gift of active and intentional listening, Kesha fosters genuine connections with her clients, enabling them to feel seen, heard, and validated.

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