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Kesha Jackson

Kesha Jackson, is a Licensed Therapist, Nationally Board Certified Counselor, a Certified Life Coach and the owner of Confidence Coaching Academy, LLC, which was originally designed to provide emotional support services to children, ages 5-18. The services offered children new ways to look at overcoming the long term effects of bullying. The Academy now specializes in assisting female entrepreneurs and authors with overcoming self doubting and self defeating tendencies that prevent them from starting and maintaining a successful business as a result of procrastination, lack of determination and belief in their abilities to accomplish their desired goals. The Confidence Converter is specifically trained in working with those female business owners and authors suffering n with anxiety and depression and stress related syndromes; panic attacks; bipolar disorder, and phobias.


The Confidence Converter has 19 years of business experience with the Allegheny County Family Division.  She has used her psychological background to assist clients in working through child/family financial support mediation in ways that would be emotionally beneficial to all parties. This experience has helped her to assist clients in need of outpatient family therapy and divorce mediation. As a previous Mobile Therapist, Kesha has worked with children and families to resolve parent/child conflict; mood disorders and oppositional defiant disorders. As a therapeutic host home parent, Kesha has worked with children in the Western PA foster care system with various mental health and emotional disorders including grief and attachment disorders. She is thrilled to take in and treat children with gender identity crises and disorders who are deemed as some of the most difficult children to find adequate homes and placements for. 


She practices and sees clients via telephone and online- digitally secure methods for those consumers who would like to remain in their comfort zone, but that would still like to partake in obtaining coaching and therapy to become mentally and emotionally healthy (text, Skype, Zoom, telephone, email and avatar chat). Insurance is NOT accepted at this time and clients are responsible for self pay based on a scale. During her coaching sessions she begins by building trust and rapport with her clients because it is important for the client to believe that they have a voice in maintaining their health. Kesha works intensely with clients utilizing mindfulness techniques to enhance inner strengths and abilities to increase their levels of self - esteem. She incorporates therapeutic modules/theories including CBT, life coaching, positive self –image and modeling, positive self-talk, Law of Attraction, mindfulness therapy and meditation, art and creative play therapy and other spiritual remedies.


Kesha is culturally competent and understands the mental health processes of clients from different economic backgrounds. Clients are assisted in developing levels of self-confidence that are needed to motivate them and thrust them emotionally forward so that they can feel assured in their ability to live their best lives and move beyond any feelings of inadequacy. She consults with businesses and facilitates organizational trainings on the little known and detrimental effects of workplace confidence and the importance of improving production and work satisfaction through employees who feel more confident in themselves and their ability to add value to the companies that they work for.   She works intensely with others on enhancing inner strengths and abilities as well as helping them explore diverse procedures to increase their self - esteem.  


She is a wife, a mother to four beautiful children, as well as a Therapeutic host home foster parent for children in the Western Pennsylvania Foster Care system. She is the author of “The Change in Me from the Reflections I See.” She is a co-author in “From the Inside Out.”   She is extremely creative in her methods of getting clients to positively focus on themselves and she sincerely delights in helping others get to their next level in life.  When clients, family, and friends want help in releasing their awesome potential and becoming their magnificent selves, they call Kesha “The Confidence Converter.