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The Confidence Converter

Kesha   Jackson, LPC


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Licensed Professional Counselor


Kesha Jackson, (also known as the Confidence Converter-Counselor4Couples) is a Board Certified, Licensed Mental Health Therapist,  a Certified Life Coach with a niche in Marriage, Family & Relationships , Self-Esteem & Confidence  Workshop Facilitator practicing in PA,  She is the recipient of the 2022 Pittsburgh Mental Health Leadership Award, an Author, and Speaker. She is the co-owner and co-founder  of Creative Community Enrichment  Center , as well as the owner of Counseling With Confidence LLC devoted to outpatient therapy. She has 22 years of experience in the therapeutic field assisting children,  adults, couples and families  discover their hidden inner coping skills to heal emotional traumas. Clients are assisted with gaining the confidence to  move beyond their  pain and move towards a more  peaceful and fulfilling life.


Kesha, believes that by being vulnerable with her clients she will assist them in removing feelings of loneliness in their situations. Through counseling theories, and self disclosure of her own life journey clients gain the compassion and sympathy needed to feel secure and will thus be more apt to  open up and begin the process of healing  from their very first session.  Kesha has a unique gift of activelyand intentionally  listening to her clients and providing positive feedback that empowers her clients and allows a connection with them  on an more intimate and therapeutic level.

Her skills of effective and efficient communication make her an excellent match for your speaking engagements as a keynote  or panel participant. She is a great asset to add to your workshops and seminars built for organizations looking to enhance richer connections and relationships with others. If you can imagine a work place with emotionally satisfied and productive  employees than you will imagine a training that is lead by her.  Her motto is to assist others to understand the importance of using what she calls the 3E's of communication, which is EMPOWERMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT and ENRICHMENT. Book Kesha, "The Confidence Converter" for your next event.   


The confidence converter is a very caring person. What she does comes as second nature, like walking! She is very professional, but still loving at the same time! She’s very knowledgeable and shows you ways of dealing with things outside of the box. She can take a situation that you feel is the most stressful situation and give you insight and direction to make it better because it comes from a genuine place with a no judgement zone!


The Confidence Converter has a calming and caring personality. She has helped me deal with the after affects of childhood bullying. With her NO JUDGMENT approach it was easy to talk about and get passed it. She is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Kesha, The Confidence Converter, is well equipped to guide you and your loved one through finding your way to strength and confidence. She often openly shares how she was severely bullied as a child and how she had to fight back mentally to find her way. Book her today!


Kesha is an expert at what she does. She is adept at getting to the heart of a matter and assisting clients to assess behavior or situations. Her insightful, empathetic, yet challenging nature encourages clients to engage, commit and achieve desired results. I highly recommend her as a therapist and life coach.


Self esteem and confidence are not destinations. They are life long achievements that must be implemented on a daily basis.


Confidence Converter

When your mind has lived in chaos for so long, it is going to take some time for it to learn to live with the calm. Be patient with yourself and most importantly, "Give yourself some GRACE."


Confidence Converter

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