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Climbing the ladder of Confidence

"You have to be prepared to look at things that occur in your life with an attitude of what did I contribute to this situation and now that I am aware of it, how can I fix it to create a better outcome the next time for all involved."


The confidence converter is a very caring person. What she does comes as second nature, like walking! She is very professional, but still loving at the same time! She’s very knowledgeable and shows you ways of dealing with things outside of the box. She can take a situation that you feel is the most stressful situation and give you insight and direction to make it better because it comes from a genuine place with a no judgement zone!


The Confidence Converter has a calming and caring personality. She has helped me deal with the after affects of childhood bullying. With her NO JUDGMENT approach it was easy to talk about and get passed it. She is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Kesha, The Confidence Converter, is well equipped to guide you and your loved one through finding your way to strength and confidence. She often openly shares how she was severely bullied as a child and how she had to fight back mentally to find her way. Book her today!


Kesha is an expert at what she does. She is adept at getting to the heart of a matter and assisting clients to assess behavior or situations. Her insightful, empathetic, yet challenging nature encourages clients to engage, commit and achieve desired results. I highly recommend her as a therapist and life coach.


Self esteem and confidence are not destinations. They are life long achievements that must be implemented on a daily basis.

When your mind has lived in chaos for so long, it is going to take some time for it to learn to live with the calm. Be patient with yourself and most importantly, "Give yourself some GRACE."